The “Blue Gem“ Casino celebrates its Anniversary:

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The “Blue Gem” was opened in Bad Kötzting 20 years ago. An exhibition is reminiscent of the not always easy time.

Almost exactly to the day 20 years ago the lottery administration celebrated the opening of the casino in Bad Kötzting. Since then, the “Blue Gem” has added value to the city and region. Reason enough for the appreciation in an exhibition. The pictures illustrate the development and importance of the casino.

“We are …”: The 20 years can be seen in the picture collages on the walls. Volker Kumeth designed them graphically and provided them with headings. The collages show what the casino has created in addition to the gaming operations: with the support of social areas, with cultural offers and maintaining contact with former colleagues.

The guests of honor

Andrea Fritz was also able to welcome these to the guests on Sunday evening. The director’s special greeting, therefore, went to Mayor Markus Hofmann and some city councilors with Klaus Schleicher and Hans Reisinger the first director and its technical director as well as district councilor and mayor a. D. Wolfgang Ludwig, during whose tenure the casino was opened in 2000.

“20 years want to be celebrated,” said Andrea Fritz, who referred to a week full of activities that started with the exhibition and still allows guests to take part in the anniversary with surprises today, Thursday and Friday. An attempt is to be started on Saturday: “We want to rock the casino. With the well-known band Saxndi, such a formation plays for the first time directly in the game room and the guests should be able to party, ”said Fritz. In addition, the Bavarian Minister of Finance will visit Albert Füracker on Friday.

“His passion is graphic design,” said Andrea Fritz, referring to the exhibition under the leadership of Volker Kumeth. It reminded me of the development from 1995 when the decision was made in favor of Kötzting as a location. But it was also a difficult time to go through, and yet the location was retained. “The current situation with positive results lets us celebrate without any worries,” said the director. The staff played a decisive part in this. “I am proud to be part of this family of employees,” said Fritz, acknowledging the commitment of the employees.

Blue Gem Gaming

“The towering 20 is a puzzle made up of many pictures, and it should also illustrate how the different situations in the game room and outside like small building blocks shaped this period,” said Volker Kumeth, referring to the exhibition. The employees of the house should be honored with the collages on the walls, which all begin with “We are …”. They are reminiscent of the opening, the finals of the Bayern Poker Championship, and times when there was doubt about the location. “Let the pictures revive the past again,” says Kumeth. “We are not tired and want to create more pictures and stories so that we can meet here for the 40th anniversary.”

“What is taken for granted today was previously the subject of heated debate. There were pros and cons, ”Mayor Markus Hofmann recalled the headlines before 2000.“ But the ball rolls anyway. ”The“ Blue Gem ”package creates jobs and added value for the city. According to him, the employees who stand behind their employer and the city also contribute to this. It is no coincidence that many were there who found their calling and have been with them since 2000. “Bad Kötzting can count itself lucky to have a partner who is also involved in the cultural sector,” emphasized Hofmann. The casino is also a culturally added value for Bad Kötzting.

“Our job is exciting”

Andrea Maurer took a look at the family of employees in the exhibition opening, which was musically accompanied by “sammakustisch”. “Our profession is beautiful, exciting, and varied,” said the chairperson of the staff council.

But that also includes a great deal of sensitivity, that you want to be at your side in tricky situations so that you feel comfortable here. Andrea Fritz was surprised with three cakes created by the “Erlebnisbäckerei Spielbank” and congratulated her on her appointment as director.

Blue Gem Gaming may be a blank slate for many, but the company has been around for a long time. It’s actually Sheriff Gaming, which has been around since 2010. Blue Gem Gaming can therefore look back on a much greater expertise, especially with its 3-D slot machine implementations.

How is the Blue Gem Gaming software structured?

Everyone should be able to use the Blue Gem Gaming offer. For this reason, the games can all be played via Instant Adobe Flash. For this, the player’s browser ultimately only has to be Flash compatible, and the fun can begin. The 3-D animations were extremely impressive. More importantly, the fact that Blue Gem Gaming can be operated in more than 20 languages.

The reason for the importance: The help support of the company is also multi-lingual so that you can help with questions and suggestions worldwide. In addition to many slot machine games, Blue Gem Gaming also offers a variety of table games. Classics like Texas Hold’em and Blackjack are just as much a part of it as baccarat and poker.

A look at the development team also makes sense. Because the people behind Blue Gem are not novices. Rather, it is the team that previously developed for Sheriff Gaming – but after the leadership of Sheriff Gaming had problems with the authorities, the team split off and founded its own company.

Which slot machine games does Blue Gem Gaming have in stock?

Those who want to play the good old slot machines will find an immense selection of products from Blue Gem Gaming. Even though the provider has only been in existence since 2014. However, Blue Gem took over the games from Sheriff Gaming, so the licenses of the games were almost all rewritten.

As a result, the games that were once part of Sheriff Gaming are now owned by Blue Gem Gaming. In some cases, the slots were changed or adapted slightly during the transfer, so that some were given a new coat of paint.

With Las Vegas Fever, Bugs, and Lucky Farmer, Blue Gem has long established itself as a diversified slot manufacturer. Blue Gem Gaming uses classic jackpots for the slots, but also offers progressive jackpots. With far more than 36 slots, the manufacturer can cheerfully look forward to wide coverage in various online casinos.

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