Mega pyramid

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Mega Pyramid is an endless 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 pay lines arcade video slot game based on industry-leading simulation game, Red Tiger Gaming. This exciting video slot takes you back in time to ancient Egypt, where you will find yourself to explore the fantastic pyramids for buried treasures. It s also a time traveling adventure which opens massive rewards for those daring enough to take a spin on this fun online slot machine. If you think that your luck has been run out then just log on and play against some of the toughest online casino game opponents and claim your prize. It is also one of the few online casino game slots which allows you to switch between different reels during a game and thus, gives you a lot of strategic thinking power.

Mega Pyramid uses the latest technologies and is well connected with world class dealers who constantly make available new and challenging reels and graphics for players to enjoy. It is also one of the few slots that gives you the opportunity to play multiple reels at the same time thereby increasing your chances of hitting big jackpots. The game has evolved over the years and incorporates various features such as separate colors for each reel, different symbols and sounds and the facility to change colors and sounds while playing as well as changing the symbols. The multi-player feature gives you a chance to play with more than one opponent against each other and thus improve your chances of winning huge amounts of cash. However, if you want to increase your score, then you have to hit multiple frames. In order to facilitate this, the online casino game offers a tutorial mode for new players and the in-game tips are divided into different sections so that you can learn them easily.

In order to gain maximum benefit from your play and maximize the chances of hitting it home free, it is advisable to read through the details that are provided on the online casino websites regarding the different reels. The Mega Pyramid slot is just one of the popular casino games that use a reel system with two parallel bars. These bars have symbols on each of the two sides and you have to hit both bars in order to make a payout. There are a total of 30 symbols available and you have to select the correct symbol to make a payout. This is one of the most popular slot games and is available in a demo version for free.