Incan adventure

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The Incan Adventure mobile casino is very different from the normal online slots and hence has different game rounds rather than traditional icons. This makes it a welcomed breeze for the wide range of mobile casino game titles, that appear to be a big hit with avid punters nowadays. It s high time to try out the free slot demo to explore the full range of facilities listed below. The first thing to note about the game is that it is not like any other slot machine that we might have been accustomed to earlier.

When we start playing this casino game, we are presented with the standard pieces, that are played in the regular slot machines as well. However, after we insert coins into the machine, we are presented with a few different items that are used in the different scenarios that we can use them in. Some of the different items are listed below:

– Standard Drills. This is the first scenario that you will encounter when you log on to the Incan adventure mobile site. You are offered a regular slot and then the game gives you a choice of using a drill or symbol. Selecting the same will result in the spinning of the wheel, that spins and gives you the results displayed on the monitor. When you win, you get to collect the jackpot symbol.

– Battery drill. If you want to make your way through the jungle without much difficulty, you can choose this drill to do that. The drill moves by means of the push and pull of the button located at the top right corner of the screen. To enable you to drill through the blocks easily, the Incan adventure website provides you with the option of changing the type of drill by selecting from the many available battery power drills that can be bought online.

– Mini-games. There are some mini-games as well for those who would really like to play a slot game. Some of the popular ones include the ‘timeshare’, ‘lottery’ and the ‘hot potato’. For the Hot Potato game, you need to place the virtual money on the hot potato and wait for it to disappear on its own. The game itself is all about collecting the small potatoes all over the screen and eventually you will be rewarded with the much sought after icon which allows you to cash in the prize.

– Drilling Machines. For users who would rather not have to deal with the battery drill, you can select this option to play an exciting drill that requires you to apply pressure with your finger to the screen. When the icon flashes, it means that you need to insert a lever to lower and raise the drill bit for more drilling.