Arthurs gold

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Arthurs Gold is an online casino game developed and released by Transhuman Design for Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems. The game is based on the medieval tale of King Arthur and his quest to defeat the Licorice King. In the game one can find different themes such as fantasy, fairytale, knights and royal courts. Although it is quite similar to other online casino games like Monopoly, it has its own identity and it is fun to play.

The game is played by building and choosing a king for your court. Each of the kings has different attributes and abilities. The starting king is Arthur, he is always allied with Sir Lancelot and is considered as the most skillful player. During the game one can develop the strategies to win more points. The game has different rewards depending upon the number of rounds you play and also in the number of people playing.

In order to enjoy Arthurs Gold you need to have an internet connection. A computer or laptop is enough to play this online casino game. The game is completely free and you can play for thirty minutes after registering.