African legends

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African Legends include many influential leaders from a wide variety of nations. These leaders came from Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Africa, and many other places. In addition, these figures paved the way for other leaders in the region. In this collection, you’ll discover the most inspiring and important people from a variety of times and places. Here, you’ll learn about the best-known legends from the continent.

The visuals of African Legends are truly impressive. The backdrop of the game is a lush South African jungle. Baobab trees and murky rivers are realistic and the landscape is full of red, sun-kissed sandstones. The sounds of the various creatures and plants that inhabit this beautiful land are equally mesmerizing. Even though there are 243 ways to win, this is not enough to determine the jackpot amount.

Another fascinating story about an African king is about Nzingha, the first queen of the country of Ndongo. During her reign, she wore men’s clothing and led his army into battle. Despite her age, Nzingha signed a peace treaty with the Portuguese in 1659, although she’d resisted them for most of her life. Gunpowder can’t match her grit and courage, so she was able to sign the treaty when she was seventy years old.

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African legends also include stories about the origin of death. The supreme god of the world originally wanted humans to be immortal, but accidently gave them death. He was mistaken and gave humans death, instead of eternal life. The chameleon was supposed to deliver the good news to humans, but the faster lizard delivered the bad news. The Mende people of Sierra Leone believe that the message “Death has come” was carried by a toad.