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Our news tab is an invaluable resource for USA players and if you look at it every day, you are sure you will not miss anything. You can find information about new games, reports on agreements between important players in sports and everything in between. No player information will pass you and you will find them all here. We collect all information about players and bettors from USA and ensure that you are always on the go.

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One of the main reasons that players use online casinos rather than traditional casinos is the incredible choice offered by online casinos. Whatever you want to play, not only can you find it online, but you can choose from hundreds of games, a wide variety of games and popular board games, such as roulette and blackjack, and various popular games around the world, such as video poker, keno and many others.

It is also easier to increase their knowledge of online gambling where you can try numerous games for free or in trial mode. You get time to practice, try out various techniques that we give you information about, and start making money when you are ready. Learning to play Poker, 21 or other great games is a lot less stressful when there are no opponents to stare at you like you do in traditional casinos!

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Apart from the information we provide about online gambling, sports betting enthusiasts can find all the information they need about bookmakers and bets. We provide insights into sports betting books that help gamblers from Iceland and ensure that you can take advantage of the best deals and odds at any given time. The most popular sports that Icelanders bet on include handball, football, hockey and powerlifting and you can be sure that you can bet on these sports, but also many others by taking advantage of the information we give you.

In short, you don’t have to go to any other website to make sports bets or gamble as we offer you everything, around the clock, every day of the week. Our experts have time to do what you don’t have time to do and they rate sites and make sure they are worth your time and money and that you always get your winnings paid, worry-free! Browse the site now to find what you are looking for.

Gambling in the EU

The State Lottery was founded in 1726. This was then a whole lot smaller than today. This was because there were several lotteries organized by private individuals. In 1860 an attempt was made to open the first casino in the EU. The required permit has never been issued by the government. According to the Protestants, casinos were the home of the Devil and the croupiers (casino employees) are children. In the EU, gambling has been unregulated for a long time. Gambling was usually done on the street or at someone’s home. The government barely checked this and more or less let gambling take its course. This changed just after the Second World War. All forms of gambling organized by private individuals were banned. In addition, the state lottery was restricted. In this way the number of points of sale was reduced and it was no longer possible to buy lottery tickets at the hairdresser’s or cigar shop. From the 1950s the rules for the state lottery relaxed. A draw could be held more often and more lottery tickets were sold.

Betting and Gaming Act

The law on gambling was passed in 1964. This law laid the foundation for the state lottery as we still know it today. Furthermore, it became possible to play a football photo (predicting football results). The lottery was then banned. In 1974 there was a change in the law on gambling. It became possible to also play the lottery. In addition, this change made room for casino games. It took another two years for the first casino in the EU to open its doors in 1976.

Problems with gambling become visible

Because the government had legalized and regulated gambling, the problems surrounding gambling were slowly becoming visible. In 1990 the municipalities started implementing a policy to limit the number of slots in cafés and snack bars. In 1994, 7,000 gambling addicts applied to addiction care. The total number of addicts was estimated at 70,000 people. In 2000, a tightening of the law on games of chance followed. It became national policy to limit the slots in cafes and snack bars. In addition, new demands were placed on the slots so that they would become less addictive. In 2005 the number of gambling addicts was estimated at 40,000 people. In 2008, 2675 people registered for addiction care.

Regulate online gambling

Although gambling in a casino is legal and regulated nowadays, online gambling is anything but. Online gambling is still officially prohibited in the EU. If a gambler encounters problems on a gambling site, the Dutch government cannot do anything for this person. From 2013, it is the intention to also regulate online gambling. The intention is that the first permits will be issued in 2015.